3 Tips for Finding the Right Building Contractor

Finding the right building contractor is one of, if not the most important aspect of your building project. It’s really important that the person you choose to use for making your dream home become a reality is reliable, trustworthy, and open to communicating with you.

Ultimately, you’d want the building process to go as smoothly as possible while there’s also no compromise on the quality of work – you’re going to be living there after all.

Here are three tips to help you in your search for the right builder:

1. Ask For References

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or extending your existing one, the quality of the workmanship is crucial.

During your vetting process for potential builders, ask them for references of projects they’ve worked on. This is a perfectly reasonable request given the amount of money you’ll be spending on a build.

If a builder is reluctant to provide these, you should move on.

Alternatively, consider using a professional service that has an existing network of contractors.

2. Do Your Own Research

You could also ask your neighbours who’ve done building projects in your area who they would recommend. This should also give you a clear understanding of the potential contractor’s quality of work.

If there are homes you admire or have used as inspiration for your building project, contact the owners and ask them how their experience with the builder was.

You could also ask your draughtsman or architecture firm who they would recommend based on projects they’ve worked on before.

3. Communicate From The Start

Communication is fundamental to the success of managing a building project. During your initial interview process ask as many questions as possible to determine whether the contractor is open to communicating with. This should give you an idea of how communication will go for the rest of the build.

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