Whether you’re extending your house or building your dream home from scratch, the building supplies you use need to be of the best possible quality – and, more importantly, also suited to your construction needs.

There’s more to quality building supplies than just the look and costs involved.

Keeping product specialists involved from the very beginning could save you a lot of time and money in comparing different product variants.

Your designer or draughtsman should also factor material considerations into the design process to not only manage expectations but also to consider the materials’ possibilities in executing the building plans.

But how do you measure the quality of building supplies?

Well, there are three main factors to consider before you lay a single brick:

  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Durability

Sustainability of building materials and methods

Environmentally friendly building materials will significantly benefit the property’s future market value.

And sustainability doesn’t only come down to building materials, sustainable building methods affect your property’s structural lifecycle. Quality and sustainable workmanship is key to ensuring this.

Find the right contractor for a job like this by asking for examples of previous work and/or client references that demonstrate this, or use a trusted network.

Accessibility to the selected building materials

In a nutshell: how easy it is to get these supplies.

Imported materials may seem really fancy, but they’re not necessarily worth the importation costs and taxes.

Opting for imported building materials may also set back your project plan and cause other delays – which could drive up your costs.

Durability of the building materials

Durability and sustainability are directly connected.

And you also want your eventual home you’re building to weather-resistant as far as possible – making it comfortable to live in as a space.

After considering these broader aspects of the building supplies you’re using for your new construction project, it’s time to look at products.

The current market for home improvement and new construction building materials in South Africa hosts quite a few innovative products that also adhere to the factors we unpacked above.

For versatile building purposes, you should consider some of the following building materials for your project:

1. General-purpose cement

Depending on the scale and scope of your building project, a premium quality general purpose cement will serve your contractors well in building a new house.

Usually, these products are quite versatile and can be used in a variety of residential and even commercial construction efforts. When selecting a product in this range however, make sure how environmentally friendly it is before you buy.

According to Lafarge South Africa, their Buildcrete variant is “easy to use and gives more workable mixes for applications such as foundations, driveways, domestic floors, lintels, etc.” and is best suited if you’re using medium to large contractor services.

2. Quick-drying cement

Project timelines are always at the back of any building contractor’s mind, and there are often unexpected delays due to the waiting time for drying cement.

Opting for a quick-drying cement product will help your team considerably in avoiding these sorts of delays. But be diligent in researching the quality of the product and make sure your contractor team is fully equipped to deal with the quick-drying variant.

3. Durable, everyday cement

As we discussed above, durability is a key factor to be thinking about when you’re buying building materials.

You should also think about the scale of your build and what level of advanced products it really requires. Most certainly, you would prefer to have the best for your future dream home, but be careful not to overspend unnecessarily.

Talk to your designer or contractor about what they would recommend.

Having a quality, general purpose cement that’s great for DIY jobs and smaller building projects and also affordable, should be the best option for a smaller project. Take a look at Lafarge’s DuraBuild here.

4. Premium cement

These cements are all about strength, durability and speed (in drying). Depending on the scale of your project and of course, the estimated budget, these types of cement are best suited for the experienced builder and clients who expect only the best.

Quality building supplies are a crucial part of building your dream home because at the end of the day you are going to live in the space and share in meaningful moment with your family and friends.

That’s why choosing only the best is crucial.

At Binastore, we can support you, every step of the way, to help take the guessing and worry out of choosing building supplies.

Do you also need some guidance and support as you start planning your new dream house? Contact us and make a fresh start.