Building a home, and applying for a building loan, should be a simple and enjoyable experience. At Binastore, we can support you, every step of the way, to help take the guesswork and apprehension out of financing. Now, it’s just another step towards creating a more practical and aesthetically pleasing home.

Before you get your figures, and begin the financing process, you’ll need an idea of the design and planning elements of your soon-to-be renovated, extended, or built-from-scratch home. At Binastore, we help you along the way with design inspiration and basic plans that can be adapted to your needs. These will help you to establish cost estimates.

Step 1: Estimate Costs with a Building Loan Calculator

By planning and getting an idea of your design preferences, you’ll be in a better position to cost your project and budget accordingly. You can use our building cost calculator to get an idea of estimated costs. This will also arm you with information, should you need to apply for financing. Are you wondering “How does a building loan work?”. That’s what we’re here for - to take you through it, step by step.

 Step 2: Choose a Contractor and Factor in the Price 

The next step is finding the right contractor, which will affect the total price of your project. We have an extensive database of approved contractors with additional information on each one, so that you can find your fit. This also takes the guesswork out of who you can rely on, so that you can focus on the progress and watching your vision become a reality.

Step 3: Getting a Mortgage Loan/Financing 

Often, financing can be the most complex process for those renovating or building from scratch, but with our help, and armed with your cost estimates and plans, it’s far simpler and more enjoyable. We help make the financing easier for you when you need resources to help you get your construction and design project started. You can get more information or talk directly to the experts.

Contact us and we’ll support you in applying for a building loan for your project, to help you get the home you really want.