Expanding Your Living Area: Construction dos and don'ts

You and your family probably spend a lot of time in your home’s living area. Adding more space to your living area could also bring an entirely new flow of energy to your home.

Whether you’re considering adding a sunroom, screening in a patio or porch or removing a wall to open up two rooms into one, a home extension project can be as good as moving into a brand new house.

The only difference is that don’t actually have to leave home.

When you’re sitting down with your architect or designer, it’s vital that you are absolutely sold on the envisioned result. Once a wall has been knocked down, it’s down.

There are a few things to remember throughout a building project like this to help avoid any disappointment:

Do what is going to be the best for what you need the finished space to achieve and mean for you as an occupant, even if this takes some time to find exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Don’t make rushed decisions about the design.

Do involve a designer or professional draughtsman as early on as possible in the process. This will help you form a more concrete and realistic picture of what the final living area will look like, and help you decide on what works best.

Don’t forget or disregard seeking building plans approval from the relevant municipal council. You don’t want a fine or any delays due to negligence in planning.

Do make sure that you select reputable contractors with the proper registrations where it’s applicable. You could also consider using a service with an existing network of contractors to help you realise the designs.

Don’t forget to make arrangements to have your furniture covered or removed from the construction area. The cost of storage could be worth it when nothing gets accidentally damaged during a building project.

At Binastore, we help you every step of the way when it comes to building and renovation. Contact us and start planning your new living area.