3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Building Supplies for Renovations

Apart from the aesthetic and cost considerations of the building supplies you use for a renovation project, there are other factors to consider when you’re choosing building supplies.

It is also important to have a clear vision of what you want the end result to look like and how you need it to function. Therefore, you should involve your designer in these decisions as well.

These considerations are:


Sustainability is not just an environmental buzzword anymore. Opting for recyclable or more environmentally friendly building materials will also benefit your property’s future value.

Over and above this, there are more sustainable building methods that will impact the structure’s expected lifecycle. These are all workmanship considerations you should take into account and discuss with your building contractor while you’re planning a renovation project.


You should definitely ask how accessible or easy it is to obtain the building supplies you’re considering. Imported materials may be alluring, but importation costs can significantly impact your original cost estimation and financing.

Importing building supplies also adds additional time to your renovation timeline, and if you’re insisting on importing those soundproof panels from Italy, take this into account.

Researching local, more accessible substitutes could speed up the process and possibly also save you some money.


The materials you choose should also be durable in the weather conditions of your area. This will not only benefit the building’s sustainability overall, but contributes to the comfort factor as well.

The last thing you want after a renovation is constant maintenance costs, or a space that boils in the harsh summer sunlight because of the materials you used.

Involve product experts in your planning from the very beginning and ask for their guidance in finding contractors that utilize sustainable building methods. Contact us for a consultation