Home Renovation Ideas for 2019

The new year is the perfect time for fresh starts and creating new, more functional spaces. If you’ve been suppressing the urge to renovate or build house extensions, now is the time to get inspired and start your new project. We can help you every step of the way but having a clear vision of what you want is going to stand you in good stead, and help you create a dream space for new beginnings.

Start with Getting Inspired 

Design inspiration is only a click away and will help get you excited about your project, while envisioning the changes or additions you’d like to make to your space. This is just a starting block. You can use it to inspire a digital or paper mood board with images and notes of what you’d like. When thinking about design, try to at least nail down:

A colour scheme: Pick complementary pantones, such as burnt orange and green, yellow and purple, neutrals or pastels.

Design styles: There are about 1014 design styles that are most popular with modern interior decorators. Whether you prefer an eclectic approach, or minimalist and modern environments, having an idea of the design style appeals to you most will set the scene for the whole project.  

Easy ways to Renovate your Home 

There are 2 main approaches that can help you completely reimagine a space without having to completely redo it:

  1.    Change the structure. A few structural changes can entirely redefine a space and add elements of practicality and ease of use in some cases. For aesthetic and structural value - add ceiling beams, replace countertops and break out some new windows, to let more light in. Refloor, divide rooms or knock down walls to create more open-plan spaces. Get a cost estimate.
  1.    Give your space a quick and cost-effective update. Update your home accessories like scatter cushions, bedding and curtains for an instant style refresh. Err on the side of playful prints and summer colours to help you channel that springtime freshness. Revamp your space with big statement plants in patterned vases, and move around your furniture to change the aesthetic and function of your environment.

Want some guidance and support as you develop your new home renovation ideas? Here’s to your fresh start.