How to Compile a Project Plan with your Contractor

No matter the scale of your building project or home renovation, communicating with your contractor, about every detail, is crucial. Establishing clear, open and accessible lines of communication, from the beginning, will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

This doesn’t imply that you have to micromanage your team - but being clear, decisive, and realistic about the project’s timeline, and your expectations will greatly inform your building contractor’s output.

Having a plan in place will also help you with your project cost management, as you’re more likely to avoid expensive surprises.

After finalising your home designs and finding the right contractor for your project, you can outline the scope of work to realise your dream home.

Make a List

We’ve said this before, and it’s worth mentioning it again: making lists outlining exactly what needs to be done is fundamental to managing a build.

Sitting down with your contractors and going through each item on your list will be part of this process. Misunderstanding can easily be avoided if everyone’s on the same page from day one.

However, don’t be unreasonably demanding and listen to your contractors’ advice when it comes to how feasible your requests are.

Set Realistic Deadlines

The next step is assigning realistic deadlines to each line item on your list.

Working closely with your contractor on this will help you manage your expectations and also outline how the different tasks within the project fit into one another.

After putting these in writing, you can also get your team to sign off on the completed tasks on a weekly basis.

Keep Talking

Communicating throughout the build is essential. It’s important that you’re accessible to your contractors when decisions need to be made.

Check in with them regularly and discuss the project plan you’ve compiled to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks - and hopefully avoid any cracks in the walls.

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