Why Joining a Network of Building Contractors is Good for Your Business

In the world of construction, word of mouth plays a key role in helping you get business. If you or your team did a good job on-site, people will know about it sooner rather than later. While word of mouth marketing is a powerful way of generating new sales leads and getting your business into the public eye, it isn’t always enough. Plus, you run the risk of a disgruntled customer actually damaging your reputation, even if it isn’t fair.
In some cases, building contractors rely on their own media to publicise their business. You’ve got a website or flyers and that’s enough, right? Well, no. If you want your business to expand and you’re ready to grow with the demand, you’ll need a larger sales funnel for consistent business, and ultimately - more profit.
Plus, even if you have customers knocking down your door, more demand for your services gives you more control, in that you can choose which jobs are best suited to what you’re offering.
Lastly, there’s the issue of what kind of customer you’re attracting. Often, you may get requests to help on an extensive building project but then your client might not have the budget to see it through. Perhaps you’d like to focus on eco-friendly construction, or you only want to work on big building projects. You need the flexibility to choose.
Ultimately, the more demand you have for your service, the more you can refine who you work with and how you work. But it takes a lot to get noticed in a world where anybody can advertise. That’s where building registries and networks can help you and your business.

Making construction companies more visible, online

At Binastore, we carefully vet contractors to connect them with interested buyers who are doing home improvements or building new houses from scratch. That means, an audience of people who need your services. You can register as one of our contractors today if you’d like. By joining our network, you can enjoy a range of benefits that will set you apart from your competition:

● Get credibility and trust. When you’re a registered contractor on a reputable site, people automatically assume you’re a professional. If you’re with Binastore, you will have to be a professional as we check your credentials. If you make the cut, you’ve got a great service to offer and people will know about it.

● Passively generate sales leads. Selling your services can be a full-time job but if you’re a registered Binastore contractor, you can get sales leads from people viewing your profile. We do the work to get them to our site, saving you the effort.

● Network and make new connections. As part of our building and construction network, you share a space with other professionals. Have a specific skill you need to add to your team? Specialise in something that few other people do. Contractors can also contact other contractors to make use of their services.

● Gain online clout. When your company is mentioned online, it’s more likely to get noticed by search engines like Google. So, when people are looking for building contractors in Johannesburg, for example, your details are more likely to pop up when you’re on the Binastore registry. You can also keep your social media up to date to help people see you online.

● Automate your business instead of selling manually. The beauty of digital it generally makes things easier. People can view your details without having to speak to you directly and they can contact you via our site.

● Measure your business more easily. We will be able to tell you how many people contact you using the Binastore site. This way, you can also keep track of the best ways to get new business.

● Get access to a new kind of customer. When you’re on the Binastore registry, new people can see your profile in areas outside of where you normally market yourself. Don’t rely on local business alone. Sometimes, travelling outside of your normal work zone pays off.
Sign up on our network of Binastore building contractors and start getting better business and working on bigger projects today.