After your building plans have been approved, the dream home you’ve painstakingly planned can now become a reality. By now you’ve probably heard some horrific stories about seemingly simple projects that have taken drastically longer than originally planned.

Most of these probably resulted because of poor (or no) project management.

Any renovation requires a great deal of organisation and here are some key tips to help you manage yours.

Set Clear Goals

Setting realistic timeline goals will help you and your renovation team compile a schedule according to the scope of work you’ve outlined. It will save you a lot of trouble if you factor in how long certain line items take to reach their implementation stage.

It’s a good idea to expect delays. With any project there’s usually that one delivery that wasn’t made on time, or that one product that was out of stock.

Whether the delays actually happen or not, this will help you manage them more effectively. It will also eliminate possible causes for confrontation with your team of contractors.

Make lists

This is the foundation of managing any renovation, regardless of its scale.

Outlining a detailed scope of work is essential to managing the project. After your building plans have been approved, this document will be the project’s guiding force.

It has to be detailed. Don’t be afraid to add items to your scope that may seem like common sense. You can never be too clear.

It can also be very helpful if your team signs off weekly on which tasks have been completed. This will give everyone a clear idea of where things are headed.


Open lines of communication are crucial when your renovation involves coordinating contractors from different specialities.

Make sure everyone is on the same page about everything.

Don’t be afraid of discussing absolutely every detail with your team, because after the renovation is done and they’ve collected their fees, you have to live in your newly renovated home.


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